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    • Minimum Amount to open the account: No minimum amount.
    • Minimum Balance to calculated profit: 50,000 EGP.
    • Variable Profit Rate up to 15%.
    • Target Segment: individuals/Corporate.
    • Account currency: EGP.
    • Profit payment frequency: calculate the profit daily and pay it end of Month.
    • Issuing Bank Statement every Quarter.
    • Cheque book could be issued.
    • Account could be opened and accessed through internet banking.
    • Profit is calculated based on the account tier.

    • Valid National ID (for Egyptians).
    • Valid passport (for foreigners).

  • Account balance

    Variable profit rate

    From EGP 50k to less than 250k


    From EGP 250k to less than EGP 500k


    From EGP 500k to less than EGP 1MN


    From EGP 1MN to less than EGP 3MN


    From EGP 3MN to less than EGP 5MN


    5MN less than 10MN


    From EGP 10MN to less than EGP 20MN


    From EGP 20MN to less than EGP 30MN


    From EGP 30MN & above


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